Mobile Dairy Council Classroom

Bonnie the dairy cow and the Mobile Dairy Classroom
Posted on 01/23/2020
Bonnie the dairy cowBonnie the dairy cow and the Mobile Dairy Classroom, also known as the traveling milking parlor visited Laguna!!

Garrett, the instructor taught Laguna students about the characteristics and anatomy of dairy cows, the importance of dairy foods for good health, demonstrated how to milk a cow and described how milk goes from the farm to the consumer. 

Cows eat about 90 pounds of nutritious food a day and what they eat makes a difference.  A cow that eats only grass can give about 50 glasses of milk a day.  A cow that eats grass, corn, hay and mixed feeds can produce about 100 glasses of milk a day. 

Thank you Bonnie, Garrett and the Southwest Dairy Farmers for visiting Laguna!